Who we are

Hello! I am a grade 10 student, with a deep interest in wildlife since early childhood. ‘Little Planet Foundation’ is my non-profit initiative to make a difference to the wildlife and nature. It was this passion which encouraged me to travel to different sanctuaries around the world to pursue wildlife and nature photography as one of the activities to generate awareness. In October 2017 I held my maiden photography exhibition in Mumbai.

In addition to the above, my interests involve studying Physics and Mathematics, playing football, skiing and diving to catch a glimpse of the underwater world.

I am deeply thankful to my mentor and a leading Indian Environmentalist Mr. Bittu Sahgal and his team for guiding me and allowing me to work with Sanctuary Nature Foundation during my breaks from School. I am also greatly thankful to Lokmat Media Groups’ senior journalist Ms. Aparna Velankar for supporting me in my efforts.

First citizen of Little Planet