Plant a Tree... Just like them!

Have you heard of Wangari Mathaai?

Jadav Molai Payeng?

Saalumarada Thimmakka?

If not, search them on the internet and you will find that all these people are known for a single activity… An activity that has made our lives better and is going to keep making it better for the coming generations too.

Because these people have planted thousands of tree in their lives. They have been diligently planting trees for years together and now each one of them has planted thousands of trees.

The temperatures in their areas have dropped, air quality has become better, ecosystem has thrived and all this has improved the quality of life in their area for many animals, birds etc.

What they have done is worthy of praise and their work has been felicitated all over the world. But the beauty of their work is in its simplicity. It is a work that anyone can do. They have planted thousands of trees. If we not thousand, all of us can plant a few trees and make sure they grow big.

It is something easy, long lasting and is the need of the hour. Look up for all these people and many more who have done a similar job and see how you can do it too!