Footprints that lead to climate change

What does a footprint tell us? The name of the animal? Its age? The direction in which the animal must have been going? All of this can be deduced from footprints…

But there are a different kind of footprints that tell us how much damage are we causing to the environment. Footprints that tell us whether we as an individual or a nation are increasing or reducing emission. Footprints that tell us whether our efforts for reining climate change are enough or not. Footprints that measure how much carbon dioxide and methane have we emitted. Footprints that tell us whether we are going towards a better tomorrow or whether we are going towards the end of the earth, taking everyone else along with us.

These footprints are called the Carbon Footprints. These are international measures to determine how we are progressing towards curbing the process of climate change. We should all aim towards reducing the carbon footprints.

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