So What???

They said in January this year that world’s biggest iceberg is melting away… So what? All of us live hundreds or thousands of miles away from that. So how will it affect us? Why should we even be bothered about it? It is not as if my life depends on it…

Hang on! Does it?

It actually does… Or will do in the not too distant future. As the Icebergs melt, their water adds to the water level. If too many of them melt, they will cause a considerable rise in the sea levels. It will ultimately result in the coastal life getting submerged under water.

Of course, it won’t happen overnight, but it is happening for sure. And it is happening way faster than we would like believe. Melting of icebergs affects polar wildlife and sea life worse than humans. They are the ones to suffer first and the most.

Worldwide movements are taking place to halt or at least slow down this process, but the speed of that movement is not very fast. To know more about icebergs, please follow the link.