Why Do We Need Wildlife???

Nowadays we see captions like “Save our wildlife” anywhere ranging right from coffee mugs to T-shirts and newspapers to pop-ups in mobile games!

While we do agree that our environment and earth needs to be saved from threats like pollution and climate change, we often keep wondering, why on earth do we need hyenas? I mean, ok, they are wild animals and they have got a right to live as much as humans do. But how are they important for us??? Someone recently said that if bees are wiped off the face of the earth, humans won’t survive either. And we are unable to find the connection. Humans don’t eat bees, so why do we need them to survive? u The same question goes for most of the animals and plants that humans don’t consume.

And this leaves us with the basic question, why is everyone so obsessed with saving wildlife? What has that got to do with our well being?

If you really want to know the importance of wildlife, you can follow these links, and you will find some astonishing information!