Wide Range of the Wild

Wildlife brings many images in front of our eyes… Tigers, Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys and so on. This is all wildlife. But there is much more to wildlife than these spectacular animals.

To begin with, the term wildlife covers all organisms that grow or live in the wild without being introduced by humans. Thus, they include animals from forests as well as animals from desserts, wetlands, grasslands and areas covered with snow. These organisms can be big or small, but as long as they are free from human interference, they are all wild animals.

You will see all over the world that whenever people go on a jungle safari, all that they want to see is a Tiger or an Elephant. They don’t realize that other wildlife is equally important and enchanting. It is equally thrilling to spot a wild boar or a wild dog.

Can you think of the wildlife you have seen so far? Were there any unusual animals? If yes, share your experience with us with a photo.

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