Book Launch of Snow Flakes by Aryaman Darda

4th January 2019 was special day for Little Planet Foundation. This was the day when a book written by it’s first citizen Aryaman Darda was launched at the auspicious hands of Mr. Javed Akhtar Saheb, Mr. Prasoon Joshi, Mr. Roopkumar Rathod and Hon. MP Mr.. Vijay Darda. Aryaman’s poems tell us how a young mind thinks about nature and poetry. There is a hummingbird and a cow, a busy bazaar and a walk on the beach, a delicious breakfast and a few snowflakes. He talks about ‘My Mother, My Angel’ in a poem and discusses the most important question of human life, ‘Who am I?’ in another. These are the poems that need to read in their original form to truly appreciate them. The book launch was a homely affair as Aryaman, being the responsible first citizen of Little Planet Foundation didn’t want to waste money and resourses for a one time event. Instead he has decided to spend the money saved for the cause of LPF. But the cherry on top was the announcement made by Aryaman. He declared in his speech that all the proceedings from the sale of this book will go to Little Planet Foundation and will be utilised for the cause. This gesture, so mature was highly praised by the honorable guests, who gave him their best wishes and blessings. Mr. Prasoon Joshi said that in this era when kids are plagued by some kind of a screen since babyhood, Aryaman has been reading and writing voraciously. And now he has come up with a poetry book of his own, Snow Flakes. Mr. Roopkumar Rathod praised the poems and thought behind it. Mr. Javed Akhtar Saheb said that usually young people write poetry about tangible things and older people write poetry about intangible things. But here, in Aryaman’s book, the poems are not only about intangible things, but are also very philosophical in nature and that is the most praiseworthy part. When kids his age are constantly trying to get more money from their parents, Aryaman has put the future of our planet ahead of his enjoyment. Kudos to our first citizen… Aryaman!