Saving the Honey Bees

Back in 2015, a young man from Pune saw what almost all of us have seen sometime, people destroying a bee hive. But while this scene goes unnoticed by most, he was greatly pained by the fact that innocent honey bees were killed on the mere suspicion of being harmful. He knew that these bees wouldn’t have troubled people, and yet they were killed. But he also understood people’s point of view. He knew that general people know nothing about honey bees. He knew that people are and will be afraid of the bees. It is a near impossible task to convince people to let the bees live near their houses.

So what was the way out???

He couldn’t let bees die like that. So he decided to do something that will save the bees and put people at ease. He decided to take out the bee hive without damaging the bees. People were not against honey bees per say, they just didn’t want them close to their houses. So he developed a method of removing a bee hive without killing the bees. He says that bees simply fly away and find some other place to build their home.

He has trained a few more volunteers and they are all busy doing their job. It is a pleasant surprise to know that people are opting for this kind of bee hive removal rather than harming the bees. He says anyone can do this with training.

Is anyone willing out there?