3 Tech-Savvy Ways to Save the Planet

– Shivaan Darda

Did you know that by 2050, the amount of municipal solid trash produced worldwide is projected to quadruple, from the current annual production of approximately 2.01 billion tonnes? From your battered old T-shirt to industrial rejects, our rubbish is growing at an alarming rate. And it is seriously affecting the environment. Here are a few smart technological ideas to manage this challenge. 

1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

image : awavena

By enabling online experiences instead of actual ones, virtual and augmented reality technologies can contribute to the reduction of waste. For instance, using VR headset for remote work and meetings can cut down on the need for corporate travel and the waste that goes along with it.

Tip: Did you know forwarding images or videos uses more energy than written messages? So you know what to do! 

2. Sharing Economy

image : youloveit

With the incredible use of technology, we can now share resources and do our bit to minimise waste. For instance, car-sharing systems can lessen the need for individual automobile ownership, cutting down on emissions and waste from the production and maintenance of cars. Similarly, systems for sharing tools, appliances and other home things might minimise waste.

Tip: Create a bank of games, action figures and collectables, stationery items and more, that each of your friends can invest in. Go ahead and share, instead of buying new ones individually.

3. Sustainable Fashion

image : so city

Technology can be used to aid sustainable fashion practices, such as the use of recycled materials and streamlining the textile manufacturing process. This includes practices like virtual sampling and 3D modelling that can cut waste during the design and development phases.

Tip: Visit thrift stores and support local, slow fashion initiatives. You’re sure to find exclusive items there.