5 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon PAW Print

Excited eyes and tail wagging when you come home, early morning barks and meows, delightful playtime while working, and of course, unconditional love – welcome to being a pet parent! Our furry friends mean the world to us, but sometimes we may forget how our actions with them affect the actual world. Every choice we make for our four-legged child has a potential impact on our environment. And you can reduce your carbon footprint or paw print with these tips.


  1. Go Eco-Friendly With Toys & Accessories

Replace plastic-based items such as toys, synthetic fiber beds, collars, etc. with recyclable and durable items. This will ensure pieces of microplastic don’t enter oceans and landfills, affecting plant and animal life. Additionally, you are also pushing companies for sustainable manufacturing.


  1. Buy Compostable Waste Disposal Tools

When picking up after your pet, instead of single-use plastic bags and litter, go for biodegradable alternatives. Buy compostable waste items on sites like bit.ly/3a7g3GY and bit.ly/3BbubKR.


  1. Take A Walk Instead Of Driving

Besides the regular walks, treat your pets with an additional walk for grooming and other services, skip the four or two-wheeler. Plus, you can run some errands in the process and get fit with those extra steps.


  1. Use Natural Cleaning Supplies

If your sofas, bed and even shoes have hair and dust all over, you’re a pet parent! Clean and wash using natural and sustainable options such as lemon, vinegar and baking soda. Store-bought chemical products are harmful to your pets and upholstery, and negatively impact the environment when discarded into the oceans. Buy natural cleaning products on www.thebetterhome.com.


  1. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Adopting not only helps save a stray, but also the atmosphere. The transportation of exotic animals through airplanes or cars pollutes the environment. In addition, unethical breeding poses serious physical and mental health risks to the females of these animals.


These were just a few ways of taking care of your pets sustainably. To learn more, refer to this video of an adorable furry and her zero-waste dog mom:


Aryaman Darda