Can You Be a Sneakerhead & Eco-Friendly?

-Shivaan Darda

Whether it be the latest drop of Jordans or limited edition Stan Smiths, we’re addicted to the newest drip on the market. I’m probably guilty of indulging in a pair or two. But it got me thinking, can our planet sustain this? According to research, fashion and sneaker culture now ranks among the top causes of environmental harm. It produces vast volumes of trash, carbon emissions and water pollution.

image : freepik

Synthetic materials manufactured from petroleum, including rubber, foam and plastic, are used in the production of trainers. When petroleum-based materials are produced, greenhouse gases and other pollutants are released into the atmosphere. In addition, transport, storage, etc. generate a significant quantity of carbon emissions. The second-largest consumer of water in the world is this industry.

image : freepik

In contrast to the 80 pounds of clothes per year that the average population discards, only 15% of clothing is recycled or given worldwide. The remainder is disposed of in landfills or burned, which releases hazardous chemicals and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Take a look at this chilling video from BBC:

What We Can Do As Responsible Consumers?

Our planet cannot afford more than FIVE new items for each individual, per year! So it’s time we understand its need and take measures. Here are my suggestions:

  • Opt for more long-lasting, high-quality goods.
  • Search for products manufactured from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton or recycled polyester.
  • Fix small tears and rips, instead of buying new items.
  • Go thrifting and find some incredible gems.
  • Finally, know that being sustainable is in vogue!