Combating the Roar Underground: The Noisy Metros in India

-Shivaan Darda

Imagine beginning each day with a noisy, crowded trip underground or over the highway, and then going through it again after a long day on the way back home. This is what reality looks like for the urban masses who travel through metros every day. Let us understand what steps can be implemented to lessen the harm.

The Decibel Dilemma

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The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) found that during peak hours, noise levels in numerous Indian metro systems frequently surpass the acceptable limits of 75 decibels (dB). In some instances, noise levels have exceeded 85 dB, which is as loud as being next to a jackhammer.

And when we look at the health consequences that long-term exposure to loud noise might have, it would leave you astounded. According to studies, noise pollution causes stress, poor sleep, hearing loss, and cardiovascular issues. Thousands of commuters in a densely populated nation like India are exposed to these dangers on a daily basis.

Moreover, the general quality of life in metropolitan areas is impacted by noise pollution. It obstructs communication, messes with concentration, and lowers mental well-being as well.

Innovation Is the Answer

Commuting system’s noise pollution must be addressed from multiple angles:

  1. Noise Barriers: Installing these in metro stations can help keep noise levels under control. To reduce reverberation, sound-absorbing materials can be employed in tunnels and on platforms.
  2. Design: It is possible to design metro coaches and stations with noise reduction in mind. This entails the use of noise-cancelling materials, quieter ventilation systems, and train wheels that are optimised for noise reduction.
  3. Maintenance: Performing routine maintenance on the rails, wheels, and other parts can greatly minimise the amount of noise produced by the metro system.
  4. Public Awareness: Increasing commuters’ knowledge of the value of noise reduction and promoting appropriate behaviour, such as refraining from listening to loud music on speaker, can make the subway more peaceful and enjoyable.

In Indian cities, noise pollution is a pressing concern that needs to be addressed. We can still work to make the subway a more peaceful and enjoyable place for everyone, though.