Conservation Goes High-Tech: How AI is Saving the Planet

– Shivaan Darda

From games to alarms and even fitness, technology is in every aspect of our life. And now we can use its potential to save the planet too! Artificial Intelligence, or AI as we know it, is becoming an increasingly powerful tool to help preserve, protect and balance the ecosystems of our planet. Let us discuss a few of the many ways in which AI is enabling humans to save Earth. 

1. Satellite Imagery

image : European Space Agency

AI algorithms are used to analyze and interpret satellite images to identify changes in land cover. Which in turn can help prevent deforestation or the encroachment of urban areas into natural habitats. This information is then also used to determine green spaces that require protection, and to monitor the effectiveness of the conservation efforts. 

2. Advanced Equipment to Monitor Wildlife

Drones equipped with cameras and other AI-assisted mechanisms are being used to monitor wildlife populations and to identify individual animals for tracking and observing their lifestyle. This helps researchers and conservationists to better understand the behaviors of these animals, and their needs, and to learn about the threats to their populations. 

image : AI World School

3. Climate Change Prediction

The use of technology in climate prediction is not new. However, what is new is the use of AI for better and more accurate projections and predictions. This is done by analyzing data on weather patterns, temperature, and other environmental factors.

The Takeaway

With the dramatic shifts in the environment, AI can help conservationists to better understand and protect the world’s natural habitats and wildlife populations.