Flightless Birds

Penguins are one of those cuties of nature. Anyone who sees any video of a penguin invariably falls in love with it. Found mostly in the southern hemisphere, penguins are a species of flightless birds. Penguins, although birds, are highly adapted to life in water. Their wings have developed as flippers. They are amazing swimmers and deadly predators for the small aquatic creatures like small fish.

Penguins live in extremely hard weather conditions. When we read about their life cycle, we feel that their life is full of difficulties. Nothing comes easy to these birds who live in areas where the temperature is below freezing point all year round. And yet, they thrive if they get enough opportunities to hunt.

But global warming is taking a toll on polar species like penguins, seals, walrus and polar bears. If we humans don’t do something to halt and eventually reverse the process of climate change, these poor birds will be among the first species to disappear.

Their life is worth watching in a video or reading. Below are a few links that will give you some more insight into penguin’s life.