Protect Our Species

Earth is a magnificent place. Thousands of species of plants, animals, insects, birds, reptiles and water kingdom make it even more so.  However, greed of humans is causing species to become endangered and extinct. This not only affects the endangered specie, but the entire life on Earth in a way. It is so because in the complex form of life on earth, every specie is associated and dependent on some other specie in a way.

Some species are friends that help each other thrive, some are hunters while other are pray but one thing is for sure that any solitary specie cannot survive on Earth… Not even us mighty humans! Therefore, if we want to survive, we need to Protect our Species.

Protect our Species is the theme for the World Earth Day 2019. It is the call of the hour and the entire human race needs to take it seriously. We can do our bit by refusing to use products that endanger an entire specie, for example Ivory. Many tuskers lose life just because some humans think it is cool to use ivory product. think about more such products and animals that can be Protected by abstaining to use those.