The Fascinating World of Pandas

-Shivaan Darda

Even before the hit film – Kung Fu Panda, these adorable animals have captivated the hearts of millions. Pandas are sometimes characterised as charming and clumsy due to their round features, plump bodies and large eyes as well as their characteristic black and white coat.

The ‘Aww’ Feeling: Endearing Characteristic of Pandas

The physical characteristics of pandas are among the things that make them cute. Their presence awakens in people an innate maternal response known as the “baby schema.” The round faces, fat bodies, and wide eyes of pandas are characteristics that are frequently linked to cuteness.

Furthermore, pandas move in a peculiar manner that some people may find awkward. They are less nimble than other animals due to their huge, massive bodies, short legs and unhelpful tails for balance. This awkwardness, meanwhile, does not necessarily work against pandas. Pandas must preserve energy as much as they can because their main food source is bamboo, which does not contain a lot of energy.

Save These Cuties!

The panda population has been declining as a result of habitat loss and poaching, so they have been the focus of conservation efforts for a long time. Giant pandas are currently an endangered species as there are just 1,800 of them left in the wild. Considering that female pandas only ovulate once a year and have a little window for conception, they also have a poor reproductive rate. Every new panda cub is therefore a priceless contribution to the population.

So the next time you hit ‘like’ for a cool reel of pandas or see them tumbling around in a zoo, donate a bit for their cause.