The Insect Eating What???

Which are the first few words that come to our mind when we say the word FLOWER?





These are few of the words that have been associated with flowers. But have you ever thought of a flower as carnivorous specie? We guess not. Bec.ause we don’t usually come a across a flower that snaps shut if an insect lands on it’s petals. But such flowers do exist.

As they can’t go anywhere to find their prey, the nature has given them many tools to attract their prey. Insects are allured to such flowers because of their color and fragrance. They get drawn to the flower hoping to eat something and get eaten themselves. Many of these carnivorous are therefore quite colorful.

While we accept hunting of an animal by an animal as part of the life chain, it is difficult for us to digest the fact that plants can be carnivorous too. Nevertheless, they are quite interesting to read.