Environment is an issue engulfs our entire life. Everything we do, every breath we take has a connection with our environment. These ties work in so subtle ways that we fail to realise their existence. But if we really think deeply, we find how our actions affect the environment in a good or bad way.

It begins from keeping the water running from brushing our teeth. It moves on to composting the kitchen waste rather than just throwing it in the garbage bin. Then comes planting trees. Of course, not everyone can plant a huge banyan tree, because everybody doesn’t have a lad to do so. But everyone can still plant a small tree or at least a bush. Any bush is better than an empty space. Then we have to think about how we treat animals. We don’t come across wild life when we live in the city. But we still encounter a lot of creatures every day, ranging from homeless cows and street dogs to that house lizard that lurks in our lofts. Do we try to eliminate every single animal that we come across? Do we think that human is the supreme animal and other species only have a right to life if the human thinks so? Or do we realise that every animal, bird, insect, amphibians, fish has its own place in the ecosystem? We must protect our wild life, but we should also respect whatever biodiversity exists around us.

As we keep thinking, we keep finding more such things that connect us with our environment in the true sense. This is how we make our life rich irrespective of where we stay. If you find more such small ideas, do share with us!