Wildlife Conservation

We’ve all heard about wildlife. We’ve all heard about conservation. And of course, we’ve all heard about wildlife conservation. But do you know what does it mean by wildlife conservation? Wildlife conservation primarily means protecting animals from being killed and protecting their natural habitats so that the animals and their future generations can thrive.

When the aim of conservation is thus clear, we can think of all the measures that need to be taken to conserve wildlife.

First of all a law has to make sure that killings of certain animals is illegal.

Secondly, another law has to ensure that destroying the natural habitat of animals is illegal.

But to make that law enforceable, the government has to understand what are the natural habitats of various species.

Once all this is put in black in white, the law makers have to pen down the exceptions.

When all this falls in place, wildlife conservation becomes feasible.

Can you think of any such laws? Please share with us what you find.