It's all there...

We come across a lot of material on wildlife on the net. A lot of it is interesting and most is accompanied by images. However, there are situations and scenarios where images and words aren’t enough. However, a good video can transport you to the spot and allow you to witness things as they happened.  This proves to be particularly interesting in case of wild life. Seeing the image of a tiger and watching a tiger chasing a deer are experiences that are poles apart.

Fortunately nowadays there are hundreds and hundreds of videos available on the net. Some are professionally made documentaries while some are amateur videos shot on mobiles. Both have their merits. One can always come across some amazing shots in an amateur video. But if you want to learn something about wildlife, the best place to begin is BBC, National Geographic or UN Environment. They have made some spectacular films that will keep you rooted to the chair.

Do go through some such documentaries and then see if you can catch wildlife around you on your mobile. And if you do find something interesting, do share it with us. We would love to show it to our readers!