Reptile Republic

While we are obsessed with the grand wildlife such as tigers and elephants, there is a whole lot of animals that remain ignored. Being ignored by humans can nowadays be seen as a boon. But it also means that we miss them even if we visit some sanctuary or national park.

We see big animals and birds. Both are spectacular to watch. But what we mostly miss are the reptiles. Many humans have a first reaction of repulsion to anything that crawls. Many invariably think of house lizards and snakes if the word reptile is mentioned. This is turn makes them feel like looking away.

However, if we have an observant eye and an open mind, we can see that there are many magnificent creatures among reptiles. There are alligators, snakes, tortoises, lizards and so on. A lot of them are beautiful in their own way. These links will give you more information about reptiles. Have a look at the links and see if you can see any of them in your trips to National Park.