Have you ever wondered who is responsible for getting food on our plate every day every time?

Is it the vegetable vendor? Or the grocery shop owner? Is it the transporter who transports the grains, vegetables and fruits from the farmer to our place? Or is it the farmer who literally toils in the farm to produce food?

Well, all of these are important, the farmer being the most important from this list. And yet, there is still someone who beats even our hardworking farmers when it comes to producing foods. Or rather, they are the biggest helpers of farmers…

They are the honey bees! Yes, the ones who sting. The ones who make every person in the house come alive with a paper roll to either kill it or shoo it away. The same honey bees that create a nuisance by building their honeycombs on some forgotten towers of the city. The same honey bees that lurk in bushes on your way to some trek…

Those are the ones who tirelessly collect honey from flower to flower and make pollination on the way. As pollination is the most important aspect of any crop, honey bees are a key factor in producing food. They are so important that we humans just can’t do with honey bees.

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