Can you adopt a rhino?

What happens when the hunt is on, the hunter is the poacher and the hunted is a big rhino? Sometimes the prey runs away, but many a times the hunter, with his human intelligence and all the modern machinery at his disposal wins. The rhino gets killed for his horn. Poachers kill the rhino, take away the horn and leave the remains there. And after a while who is found mourning beside the dead body?

A baby rhino. It doesn’t understand what is going on. He is only looking for his mother who is lying dead on the ground. The rhino, only a few days old has no clue how to survive on its own. But just as things start becoming alarming, unexpected help arrives.

Other kind of humans who will do anything to make sure animals survive. They adopt the rhino, raise it as their own and leave it back to the wild when it is old enough to understand the law of the jungle. If you want to see a baby rhino doing all kinds of baby things, click on the link below. It will take you to a rhino orphanage!