Popular and Endangered

If someone asked you if you like wild life, what would your answer be? What a stupid question… Of course your answer will be ‘of course’. If you didn’t like wildlife, you wouldn’t be here reading this article in the first place. But what exactly do you like when you say wildlife?


Wild boar?



Well… You wouldn’t mind all these creatures, but they won’t surely be high up on your preference list. Your preferred wild animals will most probably be





Etc. Although some of these animals are dangerous for us, we still like them a lot. There are various reasons behind this preference. These animals are magnificent and graceful. And that is the reason why most people like the same ten animals. It’s not only you… Majority of the people find the same ten animals attractive. Those are the most popular animals.

Unfortunately, 9 out of these ten most popular animals are also high up in the endangered list. Please click the link below and see which these animals are.