To Kill Or Not To Kill

We all are nature lovers. We all love to visit places like natural parks. We all love to watch channels like Discovery, BBC and Natural Geographic. We are all for conservation of wild animals. We all know that nature has it’s own design of things, and yet, if we ever come across a live hunt of an animal, we tend to shut our eyes or change the channel. And then, we always pray that the prey escapes the predator. That is how the human mind works. We are always sympathetic about the weaker specie.

We really rejoice if a deer escapes the clutches of a crocodile. Or if a herd of buffalos attacks a pride of lions to rescue their young one and succeeds. But we rarely think from the predator’s point of view. We never really appreciate how much efforts the predator puts in for every hunt. How many times it has to retreat or return home empty handed. We never seem to appreciate that the vixen trying the kill the rabbit also has young mouths to feed. On the other hand, we appreciate that the bird feeds it’s young with caterpillars, but we don’t sympathize with caterpillars that are swallowed alive.

The world of prey and predator is a complex one. Nature doesn’t look at things like we humans do. There is no cruelty in the hunt, it’s only hunger. There is no justice in the human sense, but maintenance of equilibrium.

It is a fascinating subject that has the strength of changing our perspective of looking at wild life. Some of the following pager are an amazing read.