Unusual Friendships

We all have friends. Friends that we share our secretes with… Whom we like to meet and play.

Some of us also have pets that are our friends. We have cats and dogs. We have lovebirds and white mice. They wait for us to return from school and are eager to play with us. This friendship flourishes because we play with them, take care of them and most importantly love them. And animals understand love. They may not be able to express it the way we humans do, but animals understand love and are very generous in reciprocating true love and friendship.

This stands true for domestic as well as wild animals. Even the wildest beasts recognize love when they receive it while being vulnerable. They develop a special bond with their human friends and they never forget their friends or friendship.

Here are a few stories of such unusual friendships between humans and wild animals that are sure to warm your hearts in these difficult times!