World Sea Turtle Day

Underwater World is full of secrets. It is a lot like a forest, but due its very nature, a lot of it remains a mystery to humans even today. However, humans being humans have polluted almost all water bodies on our beloved earth.

We dump tones of wastage into the oceans. A lot of these are pollutants and still worse, plastic. As is the basic characteristics, once it is dumped in the sea, it remains there almost forever. It has plastic parts, single use plastic like plastic bags etc. Now, on top of all this people have started dumping used facemasks and hand gloves into the sea amidst the pandemic of Covid-19.

Humans do this to get rid of material they don’t need anymore, but they give very little thought to how it affects the marine life. We don’t know what happens to the plastic once inside the ocean. But the innocent sea creatures consume plastic not understanding what it is and kills them brutally. Sometimes they get stuck inside a plastic bag and suffocate to death. Some get their fins cut due to plastic chords.

This happens with all sea creatures, but the ones we see close to the shore and have innocence of babies are on of the most affected by plastic, sea turtles!

It’s very sad to see these sweet creatures dying a painful death for our fault. But we can change that. We can make sure that at least we as individuals are not responsible for any such deaths by doing a small lifestyle change… By not using single use plastic!

Following is a link of Little Planet Foundation’s contribution towards sea turtle conservation. It is a small step, but it may encourage others to go a long way.